Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They created the catapult. It is a military weapon invention.  It had ropes,rollers , wheels, body, a crock, and a beam. It launched rocks/ flaming rocks to crush invading soldiers.
There were 3 dynasties in china. First it was the SUI dynasty. After that came the Tang Dynasty. Then came the Song dynasty.Tang dynasty covered more than the Sui dynasty did.Empress Wu was in charge because her husband died and she didn’t believe her children were ready to rule. The Song dynasty would have last longer but their military was weak. They were attacked by the north and south. The Tang dynasty rebuilt the great wall.
One of our week was about the fall of the Aztec empire and we started to learn about the Inca’s. I learned that the leader of the Inca’s was believed by the citizens to be a descendant of god. The Incas lived high up on a mountain 25,000 long.
This picture looks like a witch doctor is facing a mnster or some kind of creature. Both seem like they have heavy corlorful armor or thick clothing. The monster looks like some kind of lepord.
  IS THE END HERE!? In fact 2012 is not real. There has been multiple predictions for when the Apocalypse would be. All of them were complete nonsense. Why is there difference in this situation? “the Mayans predicted it”. That is a lie. Has any actual Mayans said the end of the world was 12/21/12. NO! We assume that s what they thought but there is no reasonable evidence supporting that theory. Is the end ahead of us. Maybe. But the disaster would be gradual. The world wouldn’t just explode all the sudden.

American military vs Medieval Japan military

American military vs Medieval Japan military

 I think that our military is not treated with the same respect at all. The samurais was respected by all and even the emperors were kind to them yet our government uses our soldiers and even our CIA as expendables. The movies makes us look like our agents and the soldiers look like their life is awesome yet in real life are not treated with respect except people feel bad about the injured soldiers. Our veterans can’t even get a job but the samurais could have got any job.

Hunger games arena

I created another arena for the hunger games. It is icy and snowy. There are dead trees in the back just like stated in the book if the arena was ice there would be wood because freezing was kind of boring. There are little shelters on both sides but the ones that are warmer will most likely have white wolves.